Excellence in Machining
Fornitore Offresi was launched in 2009 because of the increasingly need of the local engineering district to have a better network building capability and to create closer relationships in the same supply chain. The initiative guarantees from its launch, with increasing success, the development for the companies of the mechanical sector of an aggregated marketplace, which has grown over the years reaching the north and the centre of Italy.
Fornitore Offresi has always been able to understand the necessities of the companies belonging to the engineering industry, proposing every year new solutions for the development of fruitful business relations. At the same time, it encouraged the sharing of informations and useful solutions among its participants to support their corporate business growth.
Over the years, the relationships between subcontractors and producers of goods have been refined and strengthened within the engineering industry, in which competence has been able to establish itself regardless of the typical companies’ productions and business know-how has become the focus of Fornitore Offresi visitors research.
For all these reasons, the exhibition has proved to be a valid and useful instrument to face with the negative economic situation that hit the markets.

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