Innovation Award

Fornitore Offresi rewards the most innovative company

The Promoter Committee of “Fornitore Offresi – Metal District Days” proposes the “Innovation Award” with the goal to give value to the most innovative company among all the exhibitors of the event.

The award aims to reward the company which in the last two years standed out for its ability to promote products/services, processes, manufacturing and – in general – business solutions which represented and/or are representing a clear development factor for corporate competitiveness and a real example of the dynamism of mechanical industry, sector which is able to express a strong propensity to a continuous renewal at production, market opening and quality level.

The company degree of innovation will be valued on the basis of the originality of the product/service, process, manufacturing proposed, the technical/technological content that characterized it, the performance peculiarities (i.e. increase in turnover) and the resulting advantages generated in terms of corporate competitiveness on the reference markets.

Innovation Award

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