Punto Impresa Digitale (Digital Enterprise Points)

The PIDs – Punti Impresa Digitale (Digital Enterprise Points) are service structures set up at the Chamber of Commerce to support digital culture and businesses’ digitalization in the challenging context of Impresa 4.0

The referents of the PID of Como-Lecco Chamber of Commerce will be available to companies during Fornitore Offresi to:

  • release – free of charge – your identity SPID – Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale (Digital Identity Public System): to obtain the SPID it is necessary to have access to your e-mail account and bring your digital signature device or CNS – Carta Nazionale dei Servizi (National Service Card) with the related PIN, your smartphone, an identification document and your healt card;
  • provide information on digital services (E-Invoicing, Entrepreneur’s Digital Drawer, etc.);
  • take a picture of your company’s digital maturity level thanks to Selfi4.0, a free and fast online self-assessment model, to be carried out independently. The PID representatives will also be available to provide information about the Zoom4.0, guided assessment model, more in-depth than Selfi4.0, which specifically analyzes the decision-making and operational processes of the individual company areas.
  • personalized assistance for digitalization;
  • inform about contributions and loans to support investments in 4.0 technologies;
  • guide companies towards specialized subjects of “Impresa 4.0” network.

How was the PID project born?

It is the answer of the Chamber of Commerce to MISE’s request to create a network of information points and assistance to companies on the digitalization processes. The PID is part of the National Plan “Impresa 4.0” launched by the Government to give birth to the fourth industrial revolution in Italy and it is financed out of the resources referred to in the Ministerial Decree May 22, 2017 (20% increase in chamber tax).

Who is it for?

Companies of any size and economic sector and professionals are the recipients of the services offered by the PID

What is it for?

They are necessary to increase the “active” awareness of companies on the possible solutions offered by digital technology and their benefits, but also on the risks associated with its non-use.

What are the services offered?

The offer is divided into four main types of services:

  • Dissemination of basic knowledge on technologies related to Impresa 4.0
  • Mapping of the digital maturity of companies and assistance in starting digitalization processes through assessment and mentoring services
  • Training courses on basic skills in the digital sector
  • Orientation towards more specialized structures such as DIH and Competence Center



Como Headquarter
Via Parini 16 – 22100 Como

Lecco Headquarter
Via Tonale 28-30 – 23900 Lecco



Discover PID – Punto Impresa Digitale (Digital Enterprise Point)